Maheshi Madushanka


Maheshi Madushanka is a gorgeous actress in sri lanka. Her fame is flaming all around sri lanka these days. She is so cute naturally. That’s why she attracts each and every person at a glance.

Maheshi Madushanka is so generous in nature. She is having a beautiful smile that kept blooming our minds and her innocent eyes capture our hearts. All sri Lankans and people all over the world love her at first impression because of god’s gifted values she have and the values she keeping with her.

Maheshi Madushanka is famous in sri lanka because Independent television network’s ( ITN ) “Muthu Warusa” teledrama which is telecasting Every Weekday at 8.30pm on ITN Directed by Rohana Samaradiwakara Written by Lakshman Pushpakumara Produced by Amila Abesekara. She is also famous in DERANA TV “Pipena Mal” tele drama.


  1. yo’re so sooo Beautiful..
    I really like your dramas akki…
    please don’t let your character fade.. we need you as you are in Muthu warusa.. innocent girl….
    don’t change to MODERN … 🙂
    Love ya..

  2. Just be natural. You are talented. Keep your private life clean. Please do not follow footsteps of so called our popular actresses and actors. We had enough of Gayan /Chathurika case etc.

  3. oya harima ahinsakai akkiyo.oya lassanai.oya ahennsaka charithawalatama face krnna.oyage 4n number eka hari fb reqwest ekak hari denna puluwanda


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