Prathibha Hettiarachchi


Prathibha is awesome actress who attracted almost every sri lankan with her innocent smile and beautiful eyes which reflect she has a lovely heart and great parents.


She is so talented to freely act in a passion of her own. in “Sihina Puraya” & “Sanda Eliya Wage” her roles attracted the younger generation a lot. but she kept her blessings from almost all the generations because she is so charming and respective with what ever she do. even though she shines as a start in sri lanka she is a Computer Engineering degree holder graduated from Sri lanka Institute of Information Technology ( SLIIT).

Maybe Prathibha came straight to our hearts because she is the daughter of the popular actor Gamini Hettiarachchi who was able to capture the love of sri lankan people since  long age. We are so thankful and bless all the good luck on what she and her farther presenting to sri lankan community.

[box type=”info”] In this photo collection Nehara Peries, Sriyantha Mendis, Kusum Renu, Jagath Chamila, Kavinga Perera, Nadeesha Alahaperuma, Malini Weeramuni, Deepani Silva, Nino Jayakody and Tissa Gunatileke are present.[/box]



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